Best Games for Micromax Canvas HD and Canvas 2

The budget flagship product from the house of Indian mammoth, Micromax Canvas HD, has received quite a good response. The demand of flagship product Micromax Canvas HD is so high that currently the shipment is delayed due to one or another reason. The HD capability and quad core processing muscle will give a serious performance while playing the games on this Android device. Probably, this is the reason why we have decided to give spin to a few of the best games on Micromax Canvas HD. With the budget price tag and competent features it has become the much aspired phone for Indian youth. One feature for which Micromax Canvas A116 has been acclaimed so much is High Definition screen resolution. Along with HD screen it also houses powerful Mediatek Quad Core processor. The mentioned feature and specification enables user to play some popular, visually and graphically appealing games. There are plenty of users who love to involve in gaming activities on their Smart phones. To appease their crave, we have compiled a huge list of the best games for them.

Top 10 Games for Canvas HD

So, here we are presenting Top 10 Games that you can enjoy with your Canvas HD. We hope that you know where to buy Canvas HD.

angry bird for canvas hd

Angry Birds

As we all know that Angry Birds is the most played game on the smart phones. The game developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd has an addictive effect on so many smart phone gamers. It has been around for a while and is the number one game on most of the platform. The concept of angry birds fighting with the pigs for the freedom has been shaped into an eye pleasing game. Rovio has also released many sequels of the game, so you might want to check them out as well. Regardless of sequences, Angry birds offer great fun and gameplay. The graphics of the game is second to none in the marketplace. All in all, Angry birds is the best game for Micromax Canvas HD users. Whether it is a pig or it is a bird it will just look like you have thought about. It’s free and you must have this game in your Canvas HD. If you are a newbie to smart phone climate this game will consume a lot more of your time than you have imagined.

Download Angry Birds from Google Play.

temple run 2

Temple Run 2

Imangi Studios has played a master stroke in the Smartphone gaming arena with the release of milestone Temple run’s sequel. In the newer version too, developers have glued to the roots of the game. There are no radical changes to the flavor of the game. So, if there are all unchanged aspects why should you go for Temple Run 2 in the first place. The answer is we have not yet revealed graphical aspect. With Temple Run 2 you will be exposed to the amazing graphical environment on screen. Users who love perfection and beauty will go for the game’s new version for sure as graphics with Temple Run 2 has much more detailing and eye catching scenes than its predecessors. Micromax Canvas HD will definitely add something to your experience with the game with High Definition resolution and powerful processor with ample RAM.

Download Temple Run 2 from Play store.

agent dash game

Agent Dash

Piracy takes place in the gaming world too. Agent Dash is a functional twin of Temple Run. You will find all the things which you find with Temple Run. Here also Agent Dash keeps running endlessly and you have to grab diamonds, gold coins and many more that come your way. May I need to say that points will be counted including all those along with the distance you have passed through?  It is the game that falls in the same category of which previous two games are part of with a tag of easiest and most addictive. The thing that differs it from the Temple Run is seamless graphics. The game is developed by Full Fat Games.

Grab Agent Dash

fruit ninja for canvas 2

Fruit Ninja

It is available in both free as well as a paid version. It is also one of the simplest and most addictive games. In fact according to us it is the simplest game we have ever seen. Fruits keep flying up your way. You have to slice them by waving your hands and points are scored. If you see you friend playing the game you can easily learn the basics and by playing for some time you can also improve your reaction time. With enhanced touch pad sensors of Micromax canvas HD you must go for the game developed by Half Brick Studios.

Buy or download Fruit Ninja

Colosseum Heros

Colosseum Heros

Are you a big fan of slide scrolling fighting games? Then Gamevil’s this 2D hack and slasher is just perfect for you. There are two alternative versions for which you can play on. One is that you are fighting with multiple corpses a gladiator and by defeating and killing them you will gain the gold. You will have axes and javelins to attack with. The alternative version which is far better than the primary one, has amazed us as it was developed on the same design and engine yet you will have a whole different experience. Here you have beat the enemies for gold but with the help of crossbows and magic bats. Go for it buddies with your Canvas HD. It will be an amazing experience.

Here is the link to Download Colosseum Heroes

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

It will be wholly (you may also go for “Holy”) unfair if we do not consider a game of cricket when developers and targeted audience both belong to the Indian Subcontinent. The game has lots of paradoxes just as it is with the real game of Cricket. It’s simple yet complicated, it may cheer you on times and it may frustrate you too. The worst thing is that the game is addictive, too! The best graphics and smoothest I have ever seen in any cricket game on any platform. It will be an even more productive experience if you have Canvas HD. The game is developed by Stick Sports.

Visit Google play to find out Stick Cricket

Wahle Trail Franzy game

Whale Trail Frenzy

Are you still amazed that why games have become so simple day by day? Why people are transferring from console games to simpler ones on their smart phones? To find the answer you have to play around with Whale Trail Frenzy – the game developed by Ustwo. It has good graphics and more interestingly it is just another survival game. Here you will find yourself on screen as a Rainbow following whale which always stay in search of bubbles to stay alive. You have to save yourself from the underwater monsters along with some bad clouds! The game will remind you your old days with Cartoon Network or Disney, yet there are complete chances that you will be addicted to the game with your powerful Canvas HD.

Grab Whale Trail Frenzy



Yet another game which is based on physics like Angry Bird. If you want to be angrier than this should be the game of your choice. You will be steady in the game so as your enemies. The game is so simple that your enemies cannot attack on you. So what is the challenge? The challenge is that every stage in the game is a puzzle and that will make you think twice or thrice before throwing the grenade as you have limited stocks! So enjoy the healthy violence developed by Miniclip.

Download Fragger now from Google Play.

Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes

Here is a game that means a lot. It not only uses your fingers and eyes but you have to stress your brain too. As a business tycoon you will keep buying and then upgrading planes. You will transfer the things and people across the world earn money. The app will show you the map and probable places where you can find people and things to transport. The app is not so graphic rich but it is here just due to its amazing idea and liveliness of each and every element. So download the game developed by Mobage in your Micromax canvas HD.

Download Pocket Planes game



Some of you’d have played this game on your PC or Mac. The game has a huge follower base spanning across multiple platforms. The same ease and gameplay can also be enjoyed on Canvas HD with Tetris for android. The game is available on Google Play store for free. Even, I was playing this game when I was in 2nd Grade. Right and you will love to play at the age of 20, too. The game is officially developed by Giant in game arena EA Sports. This is a simple block puzzle game as most of you will be aware of it. The game needs to introduction and we do not like to go in depth as well.

Download Tetris from play store

Your Say…

We are aware that there are a plethora of games available in the marketplace which deserves to be in the list of the best games for Canvas HD, but due to space we cannot include all of them here. However, we would like to know your opinion, too. Tell us your best android games and we’ll include them in the future list including your name. Meanwhile, you can also check our some of the best photogrpahy apps for Micromax Canvas HD and Canvas 2 from our app gallery section.


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